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Your organization has demands and you work diligently to meet them. Keeping up with the technical side of it shouldn’t interfere with your daily operations. You trust your taxes with an accountant, your utilities to an electrician and your vehicles to a mechanic; it’s time to trust your ongoing IT needs to the specialists. Ormsby’s Computer Systems is a leader in meeting Central Vermont’s computer needs. We supply personnel for the ongoing IT needs of your company. Visits from an engineer are scheduled on a regular basis, be it quarterly, monthly, weekly or however your company’s needs dictate, and we provide an ongoing maintenance program for your Windows server to verify its performance and completion of required functions. We also offer necessity-based support and immediately schedule a technician to respond to your request at the first and best available time.

Ormsby’s specializes in small business networking. We will design a network for your needs, maintain it, establish a backup system to maintain your data and protect it from the hazards of hackers, viruses, hardware failure, software conflicts and even damage from lightning strikes or fire. Our service contract can help you stay in budget, or even save on costs, while providing you peace of mind.


Small business network solutions

Small Business Network Solutions

Is your small business networked properly? Is your network secure? Are you spending too much time shopping at online bookstores? Mark and Brad can help you solve the first two of these problems. Get your network running in top shape with the professionals at Ormsby’s Computer Systems.

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Educational solutions for students and institutions

Educational Solutions for Students and Institutions

Ormsby’s Computer Systems offers a complete line of services for educational institutions from the consulting to help you figure out what you need, to implementation and maintenance, we’ll make sure you have what your site needs to work smoothly and securely.

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