Our Team

Account Management and Sales
President/Founder, Sr. Account Manager:
Brad Ormsby -- Founded OCS in 1982.

Sales Engineer:
Mike Kelley – Joined OCS in 2016 with extensive customer service experience.

Systems Engineering and IT Support

Senior Systems Engineer, Project Design Specialist:
Mark Howard -- Joined OCS in 1998 with 10 years prior IT experience.

Systems Engineer, IT and PC Support Specialist:
Ron Dickinson-- Joined OCS in 2019, 4 years System and Network Adminstrator for US Marine CORPS.

PC Support Specialist & PC Repair
Joe Cozzi-- Joined OCS in 2018, degree in Computer Informatino Technology for Champlain College.

Office Administrative Staff
Administrative Assistant, Scheduling, Purchasing:
Lori Beede -- Joined OCS in 2015 with over 15 years prior customer service experience.

Sarah Ormsby -- Joined OCS in 2005 with over 15 years prior customer service experience.

Small business network solutions

Small Business Network Solutions

Is your small business networked properly? Is your network secure? Are you spending too much time shopping at online bookstores? Mark and Brad can help you solve the first two of these problems. Get your network running in top shape with the professionals at Ormsby’s Computer Systems.

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Educational solutions for students and institutions

Educational Solutions for Students and Institutions

Ormsby’s Computer Systems offers a complete line of services for educational institutions from the consulting to help you figure out what you need, to implementation and maintenance, we’ll make sure you have what your site needs to work smoothly and securely.

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